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  • Business Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

    Loans for investment and working capital; Leasing and factoring; Insurances; European projects; Financial analysis and business plans; Asset and investment management and structuring and placment of shares/bond issues; Listing of the BSE - Sofia.


    Business Solutions for Family Business and Individuals

    Consumer loans and personal loans against colletaral; Bank loan intermediation; Wealth management and individual securities portfoio; Insurances; European projects; Real estate deals.

    We provide to our clients full range of financial services and the best conditions on the local market. Over 90% of our clients choose SIS again because they rely on our qualified experts and ricieve the best prices!

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  • Control SIS Investment Intermediary

    SIS Investment Intermediary

    Part of financial group SIS

    Sofia International Securities is a leading investment intermediary in Bulgaria with respect to concluded corporate deals and realized turnovers. We offer intermediation in trade with shares, bonds, currencies and derivatives so as on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange as well as on the world currency and capital markets. Our analyses are available to a great number of foreign financial institutions through our partners: Bloomberg, Reuters, Capital IQ, The Markets.

    SIS has a full license for investment intermediary, issued by the Financial Supervision Commission. The company is a member of Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Central Depository and Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries.

  • Control Brokers

    SIS Brokers

    Part of financial group SIS

    SIS Brokers is an insurance broker and is the newest member of Financial Group SIS. The company has been licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission as per the Insurance Code in Bulgaria.
    We offer insurance products to individuals and corporate clients against all insurance risks, available on Bulgarian market. With us you could conclude insurance contract of motor vehicles, property, health, life, cargo, and all types of responsibilities.
    The insurance through SIS Brokers has plenty of advantages. We collect offers from all the insurers and offer you the best one. We read the general conditions of insurance companies instead of you and inform you about the things that matter.
    We manage the insurance contract while reminding you about forthcoming payments and expiring policies. We are your representative in communication the Insurance company in case of accident.

  • Control Control

    SIS Control

    Part of financial group SIS

    SIS Control is a company specialized in consultancies in the field of non-performing loans collection. We ensure qualified assistance to borrowers in difficulty, as well as to companies and creditors who are not capable to collect their receivables. The service portfolio includes: collection and buy-out of overdue debts (receivables), consultancies about renegotiating and restructuring of loans, court collection of loans.We have developed the first platform in Bulgaria for trade of receivables, which meets buyers and sellers of debts.
    The platform is created with the idea to help companies in managing their receivables and aims to create transparent and united market in the area of intercompany indebtedness.

  • Control Credit

    SIS Credit

    Part of financial group SIS

    SIS Credit is a microfinance institution established in 2006 and registered as a non-bank financial institution by the Bulgarian National Bank in accordance to the Law governing credit institutions in Bulgaria. The company has a certificate, issued by the Commisssion for personal data protection and is registered as an administrator of personal data.
    We offer loans and consultancies to micro and small enterprises, agricultural producers, individuals and entrepreneurs willing to start their own business. Our main goal is to encourage the set up of new working places and thus to support the development of Bulgarian economics.
    We strive for offering professional and customer tailored service and to work in compliance with the best European practices and international customer service standards. We are member of Microfinance Center and European Microfinance Network (EMN)
    We also support The Smart Campaign initiative and support the idea that clients need to be kept on the first place in microfinance.

  • Control SIS European funding

    SIS European funding

    Part of financial group SIS

    SIS European Funding is a consultancy company in the area of project proposals development to European programs. We offer assistance to our clients during the whole process– starting with business plan preparation till the full disbursement of granted funds no matter if by the EU Structure Programs, National Operative ones or over the direct financing EU Programs.
    Our clients are representatives of small and medium business, municipalities, public administrations and institutions, so as individuals and agricultural producers.
    We have realized a number of successful projects over all financing programs in different business sectors.


  • Control Coop

    SIS Coop

    Part of financial group SIS

    SIS Coop is an agricultural cooperative, based on the principles of mutual aid. The company is specialized in assistance by determining needs of agricultural producers, stock-breeders and craftsmen. We grant loans for development of micro and small agricultural farms. Additional services we offer are: collaboration in choosing fertilizers, seeds, agricultural techniques, building and management of efficient farms following European model, as well as providing market for the production.

    We are member of Confindustria Bulgaria- organization with main purpose facilitation of economical cooperation between Italy and Bulgaria. Our partners are: Bulgarian Farmers Association, National Association of agricultural cooperatives in Bulgaria and National Association of Essential Oils.


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